Horses and Health for Children

Horses and Health is an innovative new program for overweight children and teens ages 10 to 15.

It combines the physical, social and emotional benefits of therapeutic horseback riding with group nutrition education.
Students participate in weekly sessions of therapeutic horseback riding with a PATH certified instructor and will receive:
Horses and Health

  • the social benefits of a small group,
  • the sensory benefit of working with the horse and riding, and
  • the calorie burning and self-esteem building of learning a new physical activity!

During the same time as the children’s sessions, parents will receive:

  • weekly lifestyle intervention strategies from a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree and
  • additional training in childhood obesity.

Two individual nutrition consults are part of the program: One at the beginning of the program to set goals and one at the end of the course to evaluate progress and the next steps that are known areas that are related to weight problems in children.

  • Focus will be on key areas of weight management including meal planning and shopping, in-creasing fruit and vegetable intake, limiting screen time, increasing physical activity, and eliminating drinks containing sugar.

When: Classes begin the week of January 6. Initial paperwork, including medical clearance, needs to be completed as close to December 6 as possible. $50 discount if registered and paid by December 1st. The classes run weekly, with a few holiday breaks, until the week of April 5.

Where:  TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tucson) 8920 E. Woodland Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749

Cost: $395.00 for therapeutic riding and $300.00 for pre- and post nutrition assessments and eight group lessons.

Groups are limited to four individuals at a time so care and attention can be provided to each patient.

To register for the program, please reach out to Stephanie Jones via phone 1-520-618-5383 or email.


A great program for Tucson youth.

A great program for Tucson youth.

Horses and Health Program

Horses and Health Program